Good Smile Cryska Barchenowa Figma! -The Start of Cryska & Me-

Shooooo Innocent

As this is the first post of my new blog, I feel like I have to explain a few things. First off, “Alternative” in Alternative Drifter is from, as you guessed, Muv-Luv Alternative, one of my favorite light novel series. Incidentally, my new handle, “Kryska” is from Cryska (also my IRL name is Chris), who is my favorite character from MLA.

Next, I’ve been seeing a ton of people posing travel/daily photos with Lego minifigures, and I figured, being the Asian that I am, I’m going to do it with a figma. No harm done right? It’s not like it’s NSFW…
Based on that concept, I’ll be trying to take travel photos or daily photos with Cryska, whether it’s an interesting item she’s posing with or a special location she’s at.

I apologize for the image quality, I took it with a Samsung…

Since I just finished my last finals of my Junior year at UCLA, it’s not like I have anything particularly interesting for Cryska to take photos with. In any case, I actually found this interesting bottle of “black lemonade” from Whole Foods. Not sure how it tastes any different from regular lemonade…but the bottle sure is “wider”. As it’s advertised, the black liquid coloring is supposed to come from “minerals”.

Personal opinion: I’m paying for lemonade with food dye.

She's a smart cookie~
She’s a smart cookie~

#productplacement #sexsells

Anyways, back on track. I bought this “caffeinated” cookie to study for finals. I previously bought one before, and it’s essentially feels like eating a chocolate chip cookie at a Starbucks. I forgot the price, but the student union sells it, so I guess it’s going towards “education”.

Regardless, everything about this cookie is great…except there’s no printed expiration date. Perhaps I’m not such a smart cookie after all…

Not that many features, but it was 30 bucks...
Not that many features, but it was 30 bucks…

Anyways, this post isn’t really a figure review…since figure-collecting is quite an expensive hobby…and college students shouldn’t be able to afford it. If there’s really anything to say about Cryska, I’d say the paint job is decent, joint articulation is “okay” at best (feels weird at hip), but definitely worth the price.

If you guys want to find out more, head over to Good Smile and check it out for yourself.

To wrap up the first post, I’d just like to tell you guys to expect a lot of good stuff coming soon! Anime reviews! Travel pictures! Thoughts! Writing! Characters!

You get the idea.

Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Good Smile Cryska Barchenowa Figma! -The Start of Cryska & Me-

  1. Oh wow! Haven’t see ya around for awhile

    Saw your link posted on Twitter the other day. Glad you’re active there again.

    Senpai, you won’t be leaving us again…right? lol


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