Cryska & Me: Traveling back to Taiwan Part 1

Cryska’s just as excited as I am!

Hey guys, Kryska here again!

As you guys can tell, I’m traveling back to Taiwan today! Since it’s summer break, it’s always a good time to go back and meet up with the fam~

Nothing out of the norm this time…EXCEPT I’M TRAVELLING FIRST CLASS OMFGWTFBBQ. Not show-boating or anything, but I’m actually just excited because I’ve never sat on a 777 plane before, let alone the brand-new classes!

I’ll be posting more photos of Cryska & the cabin after I land!

P.S. I’m just lazy to change her facial expressions…she only has a normal one, blushing one, and a pissed one. Not very good for expressing “excitement”.


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