Cryska & Me: Happy Meal Sushi? Would you like some Naruto with that?

Kage Bunshin the wallet. Jk, it's Taiwan.
Kage Bunshin the sushi…please…my wallet. Jk, it’s Taiwan.

Hey guys!

Just getting in tune with the post-a-day policy that I’m trying to get going with this blog. Anyways, today I went to a Taiwanese revolving sushi joint. It’s basically an operation called Sushi Express, but they also have chains that does teishoku (sets), which are pretty decent too.

Typically, the variations are pretty standard with a few different rolls here and there. Nothing really special, but the price is NTD 30 per plate, which is roughly $1 USD…and that’s hella cheap.

So this is NTD 30 too? Can I just take one?
So this is NTD 30 too? Can I just take one?

So what makes “Sushi Express” so special? Well for starters, they have these amazingly cute mascots that they occasionally sell figurines of. Previously when I was in high school, they once had a promotion where they sold you a box of putty to make into the mascot. Typically these promotions (same as today) go like this: Spend NTD 240, and if you add 90 NTD, you can complete the figurine. For this promotion, it’s a figurine and a folder.

Do the math, that’s about 8 plates…which I usually double. Considering the price from an American salary, that’s still incredibly cheap. However, conversely, with a Taiwanese salary, this is one of those once-a-week treats.

Cryska wants attention too!
Cryska wants attention too!

In any case, I obviously bought the promotion. For the time range, the figurine given was supposed to be Sakura, but the clerk told me they had a few Sasukes left. Like the hell I’d pass out on that. Also, the folder today was supposed to be Gaara, but she let me in on the Sennin-mode Naruto.

Win (food) – Win (Sasuke) – Win (folder).

See you guys next time!


P.S. There’s no sushi photos because technically there’s no photos allowed inside. Plus the sushi wasn’t something so over-the-top that I had to take pictures of.

One thought on “Cryska & Me: Happy Meal Sushi? Would you like some Naruto with that?

  1. “Naruto” owes much of its popularity to a winning mixture of magical ninja techniques, fights, slapstick comedy and friendship…”Road to Ninja” provides all the familiar elements and just enough sentiment to delight the legions of Naruto fans.


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