Cryska & Me: Horoyoi & Big Thunder

Cryska want's to be in the photo too =3=
Cryska want’s to be in the photo too =3=


So, start of a new week in Taiwan…and that correlates to start of my MCAT studying. It’s always hard to get back into studying after a grueling finals week, so I decided to take today quite slow today.

In any case, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a huge fan of Horoyoi Chu-Hi, which is essentially “fruity beer”; however, the Japanese engineers didn’t just stop there. There’s flavors of the usual fruits, but then there’s ramune and calpis. However, this summer, I saw this new variation, which is as you can see, is the red tea version. By golly it’s good. Tastes almost like fizzy ice tea from McDonald’s. There’s nothing better to beat the summer heat than a chilling Horoyoi.

As for the other item, it’s called “Big Thunder”. Big Thunder was actually quite big since last summer, in both Taiwan and Japan. However, this summer, there’s a new “summer” version, which contains a wafer that has a hint of coconut. I’m not a fan of coconut, but it’s enough for me to actually say I can savor it, and not nearly enough for me to cringe. Coconut lovers will be somewhat disappointed though… Aside from the coconut flavor, the Big Thunder wrapping also tells you to put i in the fridge for better taste…and it’s actually somewhat better.

Combined with a cold drink, it’s even better!

Thanks for dropping by!


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