Cryska & Me: Taiwanese Shaved Ice

This is too much ice...will it melt? Cryska is scared of large bodies of water!
This is too much ice…will it melt? Cryska is scared of large bodies of water!

Hey guys, another (extremely) hot day in Taiwan!
Summer’s around, so the 30+ degrees (Celsius) weather is quite normal.
For those of you who live in the US, 30 degrees Celsius is about 86 in fahrenheit…which isn’t a rare number to see if you live somewhere like LA. However, the ridiculous humidity makes the climate have sauna-effect. Mere minutes outside during noon will make anyone drenched in sweat.

So what am I getting at? Oh.

The one thing in Taiwan that cools people off better than anything else:
Taiwanese Shaved Ice.

It's too deep for Cryska! Wait...Why does Cryska see boba?
It’s too deep for Cryska! Wait…Why does Cryska see boba?

That’s right. Cryska sees boba. But Kryska actually ordered: condensed milk, boba, tang yuan (small glutinous balls), and yu yuan (taro-based balls).

Wait, why did you “order” things, Kryska?

Well, in Taiwan, shaved ice is always accompanied with “sides”, usually 3-4. Customers are offered a wide selection of sides, but selection varies, though there are quite a few staple items. In any case, a bowl is about NTD 50, which equates to about a buck 50 in USD. Not a bad way to save on electricity.

Be sure to try one if you there’s any place that offers authentic Taiwanee shaved ice!


P.S. Feel free to ask me more about the sides on Twitter!

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