Kryska’s Corner: Father’s Day

Hey guys!

Just going to start a new posting category called “Kryska’s Corner”. These posts will pretty much be short thoughts on paper about certain random topics.

To keep with making a short posts, I’ll forego the traditional of attaching a few images with each post. However, in the future, I’ll add a photo or two if I need to spice things up.

In any case, today’s topic is on Father’s Day, and I’d just like to touch on how appreciative I am of both my dad and our combined forefathers. Obviously, without our fathers, there wouldn’t be any of us today, let alone us doing the things we do. The sacrifices they made in their lives and they choices they’ve yet to make are all kept with the next generation in mind.

After losing my own father a year ago, and my grandfather is going through ampulla vater carcinoma, I’ve had a lot of time to think about a “father” role and all the responsibility attached. While I’m not going to bore readers with my life story or my father/grandfather’s life stories, I can say that they have both made critical decisions in their lifetime to culminate to the current me. Hopefully, I can channel that kind of mindset to my life principles so I can provide “my” family with generation after generation.

So, if there’s anything you’re thankful of, whether it’s E3 or whatever that’s good that just happened to you, I’d just like y’all to be appreciative and think of all that your parents have done for you.

Happy Father’s Day!


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