Cryska & Me: Taiwanese Melon-Pan

Cryska's hungry...hurry gimme!
Cryska’s hungry…hurry gimme!

So guys, we can’t ever talk about Taiwan  or Japan without melon-pan ever coming up in a conversation. In that case, what better time than now?

For those weebs or otakus out there, you guys should already know what melon-pan is, giving the fact that references pop up every few anime now and then. However, for those that aren’t familiar at all with melon-pan, it is essentially “melon-bread”. The “melon” part of the name is derived from how the outer shell of the bread “looks” like the same texture as a “melon”.

While melon-pan is essentially just any normal yummy bread, there are lots of existing versions of the bread. For example, popular varieties include red-bean filling or custard-filling. Alternatively, if you try to buy melon-pan in the US, a majority of retailers mix up the name of “melon-pan” and think that the bread literally needs to taste like a freaking melon. No.


That’s just wrong.

Looks amaazzzzzinnnnggg
Looks amaazzzzzinnnnggg

Aside from the obvious references made in anime, melon-pan is actually considered a staple bakery item. In fact, there’s probably more melon-pan made daily and on the shelves than regular toast. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, I’ll sneak a few photos just to show you how exaggerated it is.

In this fashion, most Taiwanese or Japanese youth have grown up loving this bread and this infatuation continues long into adulthood. For some that think this kind of bread is “no big deal”…well you’re not exactly wrong. It’s not expensive, tastes great, and is widely available. So what’s so special? Mostly because of nostalgia. Melon-pan is never left out of a weekly diet and students often buy this item as a snack. Honestly, I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t “LOVE” melon-pan.

Try it for yourself. I promise you will be asking for more.


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