Kryska’s Corner: Taiwan’s hot temperatures

Hey guys!

Just a quick post again! Today’s topic is on Taiwan’s climate!

For those of you travelling to Taiwan, this is actually some pertinent info! Click the jump!

So, as most people know, Taiwan is a “tropical” island off the coast of China.

While the island contains temperatures ranging from 28-34 degrees Celsius on average, the “real-feel” of the climate is actually very different. In contrast with North America, Taiwan’s climate is mostly “humid”. As a matter of fact, there are certain days where the humidity hits 100%.

This humid environment amplifies the heat, creating a “sauna” effect. Thus, when people are going out and about, people generally sweat copiously even around 32 degrees Celsius. Unlike…let’s say, Los Angeles at noon, when temperatures spike up to 35 degrees, LA’s climate only poses heat risks if you stay under the sun. However, in Taiwan, whether you’re in the sun’s rays or not, the humidity will affect you nevertheless. Undoubtedly, you shouldn’t be standing under the noon-day sun, no matter what city you’re in.

Of course, I mentioned Taiwan’s climate as an average. In contrast with the climate of Taipei (which is mostly humid), the city Kaohsiung (on the opposite end of Taiwan) is known for its blazing heat purely because of the sun. That’s right, Kaohsiung would be something more like Las Vegas than…Brazil. It’s mostly dry there, so that’s a change from the sauna-like Taipei.

Anyways, I hope this info is of some help to travelers seeking to visit Taiwan!


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