Cryska & Me: Taiwanese Late Night Snacks (Part I)

This can't be good for your health! Cryska thought Kryska was on a diet!
This can’t be good for your health! Cryska thought Kryska was on a diet!

Hey guys!

Since Taiwan is mostly known for its food, it’d be wrong to miss out on some of the most important items that defines Taiwanese late night snacks. Of course, I can’t possibly cover all of the options in one post, but today, we’re going to do these two: Boba Milk Tea and Chicken Cutlet (Pie).

Weird right? It's like small  n' stuff.
Weird right? It’s like small n’ stuff.

Of course, as most of you guys already know, boba originated from Taiwan. What most of you guys don’t know is that there’s a famous chain in Taiwan called “50 Lan”. So…how’s this any different from any regular boba chain?

Easy. As you can see, the boba above is incredibly small. Aside from reducing the choking hazard that boba’s often associated with, these minature boba provide a unique chewing experience all together.

Milk tea is…well…just milk tea. Obviously different stores have different recipes, but the essentials are pretty much the same. Of course, you can always ask for different levels of sweetness, so it can be tailored to your specifications.

The holy grail of fried chicken.
The holy grail of fried chicken.

Dayum right. I said it. This is probably better (actually about 100% sure) than the fried chicken you can find anywhere in the ‘States. It’s pretty much just fried chicken with Asian spices. Essentially, it is just a large chicken cutlet…that isn’t cut.

While the store I bought from is the runner-up in fame for Chicken Pies in Taiwan, the #1 ranked one is usually a must-have for most tourists. Actually, I did say “most” tourists because the chicken pies is an underdog living under the shadow of boba and other night market treats. However, that doesn’t diminish from its uniqueness and level of must-have-ness. LOL I’m dying to eat it write now so I’m just making up random words.

Anyways, while I’m enjoying these two items, I’ll think up other Taiwanese late-night snacks to write about!


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