Kryska’s Corner: Supreme Court Ruling- Same Sex Marriages Legality


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Well, same-sex marriage is now legal across all States!

In any case, as most people would know, quite a few states in the US do not permit same-sex marriages. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, queer, transexual, or anything else, this ban on same-sex marriage has caused quite a lot of trouble. Luckily, the Supreme Court has ruled that now it’s a federal issue where same-sex m. arriages’ ban in certain states are to be lifted. While that’s all good news for moral people, there are some issues to be addressed.

Like I said, the Supreme Court did rule in favor of same-sex marriage. However, the vote was 5-4. That is actually quite alarming as that would indicate nearly 50% of the Supreme Court would vote for the opposition. That being said, the states where same-sex marriage is banned might have riots. After all, states where bans exist often contain a population that is in majority against SSM. As a result, this could lead to riots or any form of rebellion where violence could happen. There could also be many people who would take their beliefs into their own hands. Thus law enforcement should be on the watch for irregular activity.

In the larger picture, it’s actually quite “pathetic” that a country as advanced (both socially and technologically), would require a federal ruling to approve of SSM. After all, shouldn’t the states be in “unison”, not just in nation, but also beliefs? It is the UNITED states of America. Anyways, it just goes to show that it took so long for the US to approve wholly of something that should be the right of anybody.

While the ruling does allow for SSM, what does the ruling say about other rights for non-heterosexual partnerships? Will they share the same freedoms as any other heterosexual couple? Will there be unwarranted prejudice? While there are no specifics given yet, and the Supreme Court ruling only talks about SSM, there potentially could be a string of problems yet to come.

Overall, this isn’t a critique post, but just rather a look-back on why it has taken so long for this ruling to occur and what problems could arise out of it. Of course, this is a GIGANTIC step forward for the LGBTQ community…but ultimately, I feel as if it is long overdue. Not only that, this should probably have been something that shouldn’t be of issue, especially for a country as powerful as the US.

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