Kryska’s Corner: Adapting to Taiwan’s climate

As many of you guys have already read, I previously discussed Taiwan’s unrelenting climate. While the temperature may not be record-high, but due to high humidity levels, Taiwan presents itself almost like a sauna.

The solution? A/C.

A/C, as in air conditioning. In almost every establishment (restaurant or cafe), there’s almost always some sort of air conditioner turned on. While there are currently A/C regulations in place for operating businesses (at 26 degrees Celsius), the amount of A/Cs running in a day for all of Taiwan…causes incredibly high electricity consumption.

Anyways, aside from how the solution to the hot climates being the use of A/C, we must not also forget the overall “adaptation” factor. That’s right.  Have you ever considered…what exactly are you going to do when you’re walking between destinations or when you go in and out of an air conditioned room?

Most people don’t give this a thought, but when you enter the outdoors, your entire shirt or garment will probably be drenched in your own sweat. With that in mind, when you enter a chilly A/C room, you’re basically subjecting your body to extreme heat changes. Consequently, this leaves you extremely vulnerable to getting colds.

Why am I warning you guys of this? Well, I have gotten a cold from this many times before…and I just don’t learn. It would almost seem as if I got it again.

ioning!Whether you’re in Taiwan or not, you should be careful of how you use A/C systems! Learn to truly adapt to your local climate, not just rely on air conditioning!


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