Cryska’s Corner: Banao, Mr. Right

Did you guys miss Cryska?
Did you guys miss Cryska?

Previously, remember how I said that convenience stores such as 7-11 offer monthly specials where you can collect “points” (always stickers) to add up and exchange for “prizes”. While some prizes require more points, usually there’s a point # required and in addition around NTD $200-400 for a prize. The additional fee depends on what kind of prize you’re getting. Of course, you can rack up a load of points to get the item completely for free, but then you’d pretty much have to spend a lot of money to acquire those points.

Points are always awarded in a system by how much you spend. For example, 7-11’s current promotion is 1 point for the first NTD 70 you spend, and 35 per point after the first 70. You might think point accumulation is feasible, but when the “free” option costs 80 points, then you might really have to rethink your options. That’s why most people settle with the 6 points + NTD 200 option.

Plot twist: Cryska for scale
Plot twist: Cryska for scale

So what constitutes the additional price forĀ a NTD $200 prize versus a NTD $400? Well, for example, my Banao plush pillow + mini blanket would be the NTD $400 option. The former would be something like a small, flimsy umbrella. However, these are all just rough guidelines. Each promotion is unique and the points/$ requirement vary each time.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the Banao I got is actually from Watson’s. Watson’s is a famous pharmacy chain from HK. The American counterpart to Watson’s would kind of be like a CVS/Rite Aid, but…fancier? In any case, Taiwan has many large chains of these “pharmacies” and they all run this type of promotion too. Just in case, these pharmacies are not to be confused with “actual” pharmacies that sell prescription medicine. These pseudo-pharmacies sell make up, snacks, shampoo, and etc. While they do sell medicine, they’re more usually like first aid or over-the-counter.

Evidence this ain't some fake shit.
Evidence this ain’t some fake shit.

Like I said, I got the Banao from Watson’s. I included the picture above solely for the purpose of proving that is an actual licensed product and not something you can pick up out of the night market. On the other hand, you can actually find something like this at a night market…AFTER the promotion ends. Why? Because there are vendors who ravenously collect points to exchange for these items and then sell them for a large profit. How do they get a large profit?

Well, they do know that you want the damn thing. They do know that you couldn’t save up enough points. So guess what? You’ll probably find these at 2 times the original cost. Nasty…but if you’re a collector, than this is your only salvation.


Currently 7-11 is running a Lamborghini-based promotion (you can actually notice in my 7-11 post) and I’ll probably be cashing in my points sometime this or next week.

I’ll make another post then!


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