Kryska’s Corner: Taiwanese Movie “Booths”

Ever wanted to rent a movie, but you were too lazy to bring it home? Ever wanted to go on a date to watch a movie that was already on DVD? The solution?


No not the band. U2 is the name of a “movie booth” chain in Taiwan. Essentially, you show up, pick a few movies, pay the fee, and you get a small screening room all to yourself.

So how does it work? Well, you still pay a “ticket” for each person that is in the room. In addition, every movie that exceeds 120 minutes, they charge you NTD $40 extra. Original cost of each ticket is NTD $180 for one movie.

It’s no luxury 5-star booth though. The booth is basically a small surround sound system, a projector screen, and a bed/couch. The bed couch is not always in the best condition, but it’s rather comfortable.

The movie collection of U2 chains are rather broad. They have anything from Asian movies to the latest Hollywood movies. Of course, they also have adult selections. Wait, why would they have adult selections?

Given that each booth is very private, a lot of couples frequent U2 for a location to be “intimate”. Actually, I think it is a pretty well-known fact that many young teens or couples head over to U2 to have privacy whether they’re making out or experimenting with sexual acts.

Having said that, you might want to reconsider lying all over the bed/couch or using the pillows provided.

Aside from that random fact, U2 offers drinks and food. The drinks are your usual soft drinks, but the menu offers anything from braised pork rice to thick peanut butter toast (my favorite). The prices are a little expensive, but you can always bring your own food.

So if you’re looking for a unique cinema experience or you’re looking for private and cheap place to “boogie”, then head over to U2!


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