Cryska & Me: Introduction of Danbo!

Atarashii Shinryakusha!
Atarashii Shinryakusha! (subtle reference)

As many of you might have noticed by now (if you’re following my instagram), I’ve been taking a lot of photos of food and what not with a “little robot”.

That of course, is in layman’s terms.

For the more knowledgeable anime consumer, you’ll probably have noticed that this is Danbo, from the famous manga series: Yotsuba&!

No, that’s not a typo, that’s just the name of the manga.

Clever designs
Clever designs

I know, I know. The photo is out of focus, but I’m too lazy to take out the SD card, take another photo. Kryska is tight on time, ya know?

Anyways, on my Japan trip, I visited Tokyu Hands and I stumbled across the “Danbo” section.
That’s when it hit me. Normally I take Cryska to a couple of places here and there, take a few photos and look like a gigantic otaku while doing it. However, if it took pictures of Danbo, which is already an established phenomenon, people might think it’s cute.

Yu-Pack collab, in case y'all haven't noticed.
Yu-Pack collab, in case y’all haven’t noticed.

Okay, so what is “Danbo”, you might ask? Danbo, like I said earlier, comes from Yotsuba&!. Danbo is known to be one of the main characters and is always clad in an outfit made out of cardboard boxes.

Initially when the figures first came out, there were only a few special editions, most notably the ones. However, as time passed, now there’s even the Yu-Pack and Cheerio variants.

The Cheerio ones (I’m assuming no one knows what Cheerio is) are made to look like the portable battery chargers that Cheerio makes. Cheerio is a company that sells a lot of electronic accessories, and has fashioned an iPhone charging cable and other products to have the semblance of Danbo.

For being made in China, I'm actually quite impressed.
For being made in China, I’m actually quite impressed.

Since the Cheerio one is hardly discernible from the standard Danbo minis, I opted to go with the white Yu-Pack Danbo.

Yu-Pack is essentially like “Priority Mail”-flat rate with USPS. Hell, even the colors are exactly the same. Anyways, I figured this color was my calling and I opted to get it over the cheerio and standard one.

Oh yeah his light up too.
Oh yeah his light up too.

After I opened up the Danbo figure, I was actually quite surprised that the eyes have a light-up switch. Honestly, this is a little too much detail for me to handle out of getting such a cheap figurine. FFS a figma costs double and doesn’t even have light-up abilities >_<.

As you can see, ever “limb” of Yu-Pack Danbo is made to look like a box from Yu-Pack. THe logo is emblazoned EVERYWHERE. I don’t mind advertising Danbo or Yu-Pack, but for once I felt the decals were a little too much.

Cryska for scale.
Cryska for scale.

Danbo is an exceptionally small figurine; at only roughly half the height of Cryska. Also, I’d to note the little black knob on the side of his head. That’s the light switch to turn on his eyes.

Cryska doesn't like Danbo stealing the spotlight
Cryska doesn’t like Danbo stealing the spotlight

In terms of range of motion, undoubtedly Cryska is far superior. I actually have a great deal of trouble trying to find new poses for Danbo to make as his limitations are his boxy…”boxes”. LOL.

Too bad, though.

I stay on AD, and you say on IG. Deal?
I stay on AD, and you say on IG. Deal?

Go “figure”. They seem to have a deal worked out for where they’ll appear.

JK, they're going to get along just fine
JK, they’re going to get along just fine

In the future, there might be more Danbo appearances here, but for now, I just carry him around daily to take food snaps on IG or etc.

See y’all soon!


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