Blast From The Past: The Two Types of Anime Watchers

Not generalized.
Not generalized.

Recently I stumbled across my old blog(s) quite a few times, and then I ran into some of the older blog posts I wrote that were pretty good hits back then. Anyways, since the old blogs are defunct, I thought I might as well feature some of my old entries for y’all to sample.

This particular post is from when I was right in the middle of anime blogging and I was just starting to write online, so the style is a bit more unrefined and off-balance.

I’ll be introducing more “blast from the past” posts every now and then, but there’s not that many of them anyways~

So, I’m going to start off by saying that I didn’t come up with this by myself and I took this from Sankaku Complex, who took it from 2ch. Anyways, I’m sure that you all know that there’s various types of otakus. In those types of otakus, there must be several subgroups. Luckily, 2ch has broken down “anime otakus” into 2 convenient categories that I’ll be discussing. So without any further ado, the list:

Type A:

A person who simply enjoys “anime.”

Is proud of Japan’s anime.

Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.

Hates shallow anime with no real content.

Story emphasis >>>>> Moe anime.

A recent example would Higashi no Eden. Fans of anime like Lain or Ghost in the Shell would probably be this kind.

Type B:

A person who simply enjoys “characters.”

Will watch an anime if it includes cute or beautiful characters.

Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest.

Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.

Loves moe elements. Doesn’t like complex anime.

The otaku the media picks up on are usually this kind.

Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticised as by Type A otaku.

However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.

Recently there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku.

People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.

After taking a look at this list, what type of anime otaku do you think you are? Personally, I don’t think I’m an otaku based on the fact that I don’t own any anime figurines (save for Gunpla) nor do I have dakimuras & etc. Although I fit almost perfectly into Type B, I do believe that these are just preferences that each person has. Also, according to Type B, most otakus who are Type B have horrible tastes in anime and only like the characters. It’s true that I may have odd tastes compared to usual anime watchers, but I don’t think that’s the right way to classify someone. These are just all opinion based points that don’t really serve much purpose at all. Anyways, I know I constantly say that I’m not an otaku, but fans of OreImo already know of the famous “closet otaku” who doesn’t admit nor look like they are otakus. Perhaps I’m just a Type B deep down, but regardless of which, I’d like to avoid being branded as an “otaku”.

Just because you have characteristics or tendencies that are mentioned on the 2 types, doesn’t label you as an otaku. You may just be a fan of anime and only watch it occasionally, and you have a life. I think, the only people who should be named as otakus are the radical people who are actually willing to shell out $160 USD for the next cold cast figma/figurine (whatever, I don’t know about figures that much). Not that what they’re doing is bad, but I just don’t want to be labeled as an otaku.

As for the general otaku hate, I don’t think that calling people otakus are bad, but just rather the negative connotation that North American society associates with it. In Asia, people still have a bad image of otaku, but not nearly as bad as the “oh you’re such a geeky nerd!” that type of stuff you might hear if you’re caught reading a manga in your North American school library. In Asia, the amount of anime I watch and the manga I read is probably just slightly higher than the standard high school male, but still not even close to the extremes of an otaku. If the connotation of otaku improves over time, then I wouldn’t mind being called one, even though my standards of an “otaku” might be different from someone.

Speaking of “otaku” standards, what do you consider as an otaku? As I said before, I think otakus are people who spend most of their salaries on anime merchandise, attend Vocaloid concerts (wait…even I want to go), have many dakimuras, play eroge all day long, live in a small dark room, stare at their computer screen all night (wait…I do this too…), don’t have girlfriends, prefer 2D girls to 3D girls, and are quite antisocial. Therefore, as you can see, my example of an otaku is quite the extreme, and I’ve yet to go to such stages, thus I refuse to be called an otaku.

2015 Correction***: I am currently now a proud owner of a few figures and dakimakura. I do not use them; however, for erotic purposes. I just collect them and buy them as a contribution to anime. After all, I pretty much still watch fan-subbed anime. Sure I pay for Crunchyroll now, but I highly doubt that supports the content much.

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