Blast From the Past: Types of Anime Watchers (Kryska’s Guide)

Truth is, we all love Japanese anime.
Truth is, we all love Japanese anime.

As with yesterday’s post, today I’m going to continue with what was essentially my “response” post. Anyways, I hope you guys can find some humor in what I had written and have fun fitting yourselves into whatever categories you see fit.

The Regular
Just a regular person who watches anime on a monthly or weekly basis. Doesn’t know much about Japanese terms and generally view themselves as non-otaku people. Just barely skims the surface of the world of anime.

Watches shows such as : Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Hitman Reborn

The Anime Watcher
Can almost be considered the “weekend warrior” of anime watching. Doesn’t watch too often and still watches popular shows. However, the Anime Watcher explores various genres of shows other than the regular ones in Naruto or Bleach. Very likely to evolve into an Anime Specialist. Also, knows some Japanese terminology and has an interest into watching less well-known shows to the North American public. Also, starts to develop interests into the world of manga

Watches shows such as : Gundam (all series), shows mentioned in the Regular, School Rumble, Keroro Gunso, Shinryaku! Ika Musume

The Anime Specialist
Watches shows specifically by their genre or certain circumstances. May also watch shows because of a mutual author or voice actor. May have certain specific genres of shows that they like to watch such as romance, ecchi, comedy, action , etc. Typically still watches shows for their ulterior motives other than for the story line and quality of show. Also, Anime Specialists tend to be willing to spend money towards anime collectibles and magazines. Although he or she is an Anime Specialist, the person also reads several manga series, but usually none of the mangas are picked up before watching the anime version of them.

Watches shows such as : Queen’s Gate, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Infinite Stratos, Highschool of the Dead,  Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? , and all the aforementioned shows

The Anime Connoisseur
The Anime Connoisseur is an individual who has “graduated” from watching standard anime and purely watches shows for their quality, rather than fanservice or any other quality unrelated factors. Also, tends to enjoy a vary wide range of anime and can be seen recommending higher-end shows to friends. Watches and reads a balance of anime and manga, and can be known to pick up mangas before watching the anime versions of them. Also, Anime Connoisseurs are highly willing to purchase anime memorabilia and other anime related products. At their level, the Anime Connoisseur can almost watch full episodes of anime with little help from subtitles and is also highly interested in Asian culture. However, Anime Connoisseurs are not to be mixed with Otakus, who are more like Anime Specialists than anything else.

Watches shows such as : Bakemonogatari, Durarara!!, Amagami SS, Hanasaku Iroha, and all the aforementioned shows

The Otaku
Although Otakus have a vast knowledge pertaining to anime related subjects, they fail to be real Anime Connoisseurs. However, some can reach the level of an Anime Connoiseur, but is still an Anime Specialist due to their one sole focus on a genre or fetish for lolicon/siscon. Also, Otakus have an overwhelmingly large supply of anime related products in their possessions, and unlike the ones usually bought by Anime Specialists or Connoisseurs, the Otaku will mostly own ero-products and/or erotic figurines.

Watches shows such as : Mostly the same as an Anime Specialist, but certain focuses towards shows such as OreImo or K-ON! (ones with a lot of “moe”).

So, that concludes my classification of anime watchers. Hopefully I have given people with a wider range of categories to choose from and not the simple A & B presented by 2ch. On a side note, viewers are not confined to a certain category based on the shows they watch. I was just providing some examples that are atypical of the shows that people watch in those categories. Hopefully this will be much more comprehensive than Sankaku’s classification!

2015 Update**: I used to think of myself as somewhere in the bounds of being a connoisseur, but as time went on, my anime consumption probably dropped back to the “standard watcher”. Like honestly, the shows I’ve been watching are like Shingeki no Kyojin, KuroBas…oh and then there’s shows like Irregularity at Magic High. Rarely I pick up on shows like Kyokai no Kanata…but I still retain my appreciation for the art/plot. No, not “plot” plot. Just serious movie plot.

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