Blast From the Past: Reflection On Animanga Blogs

Recently I was invited to partake in a blog carnival that’s set up by theKitsunetoNeko blog, which is also commonly known as “The Beautiful World: Diaries of Two Travellers”. Being given the invitation by none other than FoxyLadyAyameherself, I simply couldn’t turn down the offer and I found the topic to be something I would be able to have fun writing about.

Anyways, this blog carnival’s topic is about our “reflections on animanga blogs”, which is pretty much asking us what our thoughts about animanga blogs are. I suppose it helps blogs involved in the carnival to improve themselves, thus I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

What do you like to read and why? (reviews, commentaries, editorials)

I usually like to read a mixture of the three genres because it stems from the reason as to why I even bother going to animanga blogs at all. Because I like to read up on content regarding shows I like or shows that I look forward to watching, I often do lots of information gathering, hence the fact that I read up on all 3 sorts of posts.

Generally, with reviews, I only stick to shows that I display interest in. The reviews tend to help me come to a conclusion as to whether I should watch a certain show or not, or, depending on the blogger, I just read a review due to their suggestion of a show. I often like to read up on reviews because it really helps me save time from downloading shows that I potentially can’t finish and/or save me from the 30 minutes of disappointment in an initial episode.

As for commentaries and editorials, since they’re usually based on the writer’s opinion, I don’t often tune in; however, when I do, I get really involved in the discussion and I tend to leave lengthy comments. Of course, I only involve myself when it comes to shows that I adore, thus providing me with something to be engaged with. Other than the fact that I love to read them for these purposes, it gives an opportunity to expand my views on a certain show, or in the comment box, be able to apply my own opinions in exchange for others’.

What do you do when you stumble across a new blog?

Hmm…that’s hard to say. I do a great many things when I arrive at a blog. Usually, I take my time to admire a blog’s design and then proceed to look at what topics they cover. If the topics satisfy my interests, then I will take a peek into the “About” section, to read up on the background of the author. Of course, that may sway my reading expectations; however, I generally give authors the benefit of the doubt, so I end up checking the posts anyways. If I like what I find and if the interesting post numbers exceed my expectations, I usually ask for a blogroll exchange, which by then, should probably mean that I’ve subscribed to the blog or followed the blogger on Twitter.

What must a good animanga blog have and do?

Hmm…what must a good animanga blog have and do? That’s generally a broad topic, but I think I’ll be able to pinpoint some key-points that I look for in a blog.

  1. Good writing: Enjoyable, easy to read, and like-able font.
  2. Appearance: The blog doesn’t need to have sophisticated designs, (I’m looking at you @wanabrar), but it has to be smooth on the eyes, and of course, attractive. However, it can’t distract from the writing.
  3. Update: I generally like to read blogs that are consistently updated. By this, I mean that they change designs, utilize new topics, and don’t go on month-long “maintenance” periods.
  4. Uniqueness: Whether it’s the writing style or the design, the blog must have something that makes it stand out from other blogs of the same type. Writers can use sophisticated topics or vocabulary to please me, but they have to keep things fresh, which is usually a hard task.
  5. Pictures: I generally expect blogs to have posts that are replete with pictures. No, I don’t mean that a whole post needs to be full of pictures, but I want to see that there’s an even writing-picture ratio, thus giving me a break in-between reads. Also, I like the pictures to be usually “artistic” and not something that’s just ero, which is used to generate hits.

What blogging behaviors annoy you?

To be honest, there’s simply too many to list here, but of course, there are a couple of them that are “pet peeves”. Generally, I don’t “hate” the writers or their respective blogs, it’s just that the rate of me ever clicking into their blogs become remarkably low.

1. Writing Style:

There are many things that a person can write which will tick me off straight away. First and foremost, one of my biggest problem with bloggers and their writing styles is that their ideas feel like they’re joining a bandwagon, just to appease their readers. Seriously, I don’t hop from blog to blog looking to read articles with the same idea. I’m at a certain blog to pick up what your unique thought is, not what some other person has.

Also, if you try to meddle with scientific/academic topics and you truly lack a firm hold/expertise in the field, I will show disdain for you. You try to make yourself seem so “high and mighty’, yet if I do know more about that subject, I will mostly likely pick up on any discrepancies and regard you as a charlatan. That’s simply a big no-no.

2. Blog Design

Aesthetically speaking, I hate blogs that are “all-text” or blogs that have very little “extra features”. One doesn’t have to go overboard on the installed plugins to make their blog look fancy, but you seriously can’t expect me to just “read” your blog for the text only, right? It’s got to be easy on the eyes, otherwise, I don’t think I’ll even click in to a highly popular post.

Next, many blogs lack terrible navigation panels. If a blog takes me more than a minute to find a bar or a box where there’s a navigation panel, then I’ll usually skip reading the blog all together. It’s ridiculous to think that you wouldn’t have a reader who just might want to learn about you or look back at some of your classic articles.

3. Disregard of other’s opinions/blogs

Whether it’s meant to be comedic or not, I do not appreciate seeing blogs being dissed. For example, during the ABT, I was aware that a certain blog was public denouncing contending blogs. It wasn’t funny and most importantly, it was just poor blogsmanship.

Regardless if their idea interests one or not, one should not post hurtful comments, and instead, try to see things from their perspective. After all, no one can make the world agree with them on everything.

Anyways, it was a pleasure getting an opportunity to divulge others on what I value in animanga blogs. Of course, I’m not pinpointing any blogs which I show disinterest in, but I’m wishing that they will try their best to improve their blogs in everyone’s stead. I know that some of my values may seem twisted, but it’s what I think, and obviously everyone is free to think what they like.

I hope this blog carnival will give me the chance to read up on what others like/dislike to adjust KANPAI!, but until the rest of the carnival posts arrive, I’ll just keep silently reading other people’s blogs and trying to learn a few things from them. It’s been a ton of fun writing this post, and again, I’d like to thank FoxyLadyAyame for giving me the invitational to partake in this wonderful event!

Before you close this post, please take the time to visit the blogs of the other carnival participants!

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