Kryska’s Corner: What is anime blogging?

A lot of just type in the dark
A lot of us just type in the dark

So what are “we”?

These so called “anime bloggers”?

Are we just nerds/otakus that can write and want our opinions to be heard on the internet? Are we fanatics about the material we watch and need a vent?

Honestly though, anime bloggers are a wide range of people. From folks who have barely any idea about anime to people who have been watching anime their whole lives, any one could be an anime blogger. In fact, there’s not too much skills or requirements to be one.

Essentially what an anime blogger is just a person who blogs about anime. Whether it’s a recent show or a show from a while ago, as long as you write about a certain show, that alone qualifies.

Writers come and go
Writers come and go

There are different kind of anime blogs, however. As a matter of fact, you could be doing episodic summaries, series review, or by-episode reviews. Each review has no particular nor specific guidelines. All the criteria is dependent on the writer. Thus, every blog has its own “review” style and its own fan base.

One thing that no one tells you about being an anime blogger is that, like anime, seasons come and go. So do anime bloggers. From veteran bloggers to neophytes that can’t last, blogs die here and there. For myself, I’ve moved from blog A to blog B quite a few times even.

I guess you could say the occupational hazard is that routine gets boring. I mean pretty much, anime story-lines often overlap and eventually “shit gets old”.

Anyways, this isn’t a warning to drive people away from anime blogging, but it’s not all as glamorous as people on Twitter sometimes make it seem. In any case, I won’t be going back to doing this “routine” anytime soon, but it’s always something I’ve been good at…and…still somewhat of a pleasure.


No, on the contrary, few and far between anime bloggers look like this. I certainly don't,
No, on the contrary, few and far between anime bloggers look like this. I certainly don’t,

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