Kryska’s Corner: Plot Cycles notorious for
Gundam…so notorious for “new” series with exact same plots…

As mentioned in my previous post, anime/manga blogs start to die here and there because the reviewers start getting tired of the routine that is in anime/manga plots. What I mean exactly is that, over time, reviewers start noticing a “trend” in the plot.

Likewise in K-drama, most plots have few gimmicks and centralize around a love story of love-hate relationships. Anyways, with anime and manga, obviously there’s more room for gimmicks, but certain genres are so…predictable and almost like a deja vu.

Honestly, even character designs and abilities completely overlap and either it’s just a gigantic lack of originality or another fact: people like to see what they’ve already seen.

Based on the listed principle above, that’s very true about certain Western movie series (ie Transformers). With the same formula, plot, and character designs, makers of these series get away with an incredible amount of shoddy story planning.

I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for this, but take classic series like Gundam for example. New series such as Seed Destiny or 00 are essentially remakes/re-branding of older long-forgotten series. Even the character personalities are pretty on point.

From another series, such as IdolM@ster, new “incarnations” such as Love Live! are literal copycats. Even the character voice styles are essentially the same. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate comments like “you don’t know shit” and etc, but that’s the honest truth.

Regardless, there’s always a few original and spectacular anime here and there. After all, that’s why every season or so there’s always that “must-watch” anime.


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