Blast From the Past: League of Legends, ranked progression

Conceptually, as League of Legends players power through the levels and get to level 30, they become better at the game. Honing their skills in countless PVP matches (actually about 200-300), players are meant to be at an expected level of play before they are qualified for the prestigious opportunity to play in ranked game at level 30. Yes, that may stand true entirely, but is that really the case? Without a doubt, even at level 30, a player will most likely come across another player, who happens to be the same level, yet seems to under-perform. Obviously not everyone was meant to be a hardcore gamer and excel at games, but you would expect, at level 30, after hours of experience and play, they should be at least better than most level 20s. During my short 2 day tenure as a full-fledged level 30 ranked-game player, I was sad to see that the majority of the teammates I got were barely better than the “premades” I despise so much. Without a doubt, some players or champions will succumb to others, but shouldn’t that player change his gameplay in order to cope with the flow of the game? With this, it brings to attention several woes that I must discuss about the ranked games.

  1. Since I just started playing ranked games, I’m most certainly in “ELO Hell”, which is practically a place for people with low ELO to lurk. In “ELO Hell”, certain players can be found trolling, not taking advantage of situations, or just bottom-line, being the worst players.
  2. To better describe the whole “trolling” situation, what I mean by that is, people may intentionally feed or choose potentially useless champions during the game. One might say “maybe they’re just bad” or “they just want to play a champion they like”, but that’s completely bullshit. Pardon my language, but, the only people who will say that are the ones who haven’t been actually trolled in a rank game.
  3. Since ranked games are very important to all participants, I truly believe that AFK/DC should be result in a “loss forgiven” or at least something of a reduced negative ELO change. In my opinion, I think, at this level of play, no one wants to miss out. So usually, and giving the players the benefit of the doubt, I would say that AFK/DC should have some circumstances that allow players to avoid unnecessary extra ELO loss.
  4. Dodges. Because it’s a draft pick, you’ll be unable to play some certain champs that you favor, or you may come to realize that the champs your team has picked, are a terrible combo. In some cases, players like to “queue dodge” by D/Cing, and forcing the whole thing to be reset and making the players all re-queue. While this can be seen as the first step to preventing instant-gg games, I think it’s unfair to the other players. Sure there may be one or two on your team that aren’t going with the flow, but that doesn’t mean you need to add insult to injury.

So anyways, as I struggle to get out of ELO hell thanks to various noobs and trolls, I’ll hopefully be able to see a change for the better in the gameplay, but until then, it’s endless rage for me.  Also, you might be wondering, why does it seem as if I’m the only one complaining and that I blame other aspects for my losses? Well to be honest, I came into ranked with 4-0, and I felt pretty confident with my skills, so I decided to play a variety of champs that aren’t AD carries. Now that is a completely bad idea. I had no idea that “supports” in ELO hell were practically useless, and that being a mad carry was the only ticket to a stable ELO. Thus, as a consequence of my choosing not to play jungle nocturne, I lost 6 games in a row. Pretty damn annoying I have to say. While I’m not exactly the best player on the team every time, and I do make some bad choices, the factors of my losses other than myself heavily outweigh my rare poor gameplay.

**2015 Correction: I am now a confident (at least) plat ranked player. While ranked games have lost their luster, there’s a certain pride for establishing your rank every season. While my rank has improved, the system nor has the players changed.

As always, trolls lurk and noobs are eveywhere. There really is nothing but just a hard grind and a big learning curve. The sooner you accept that, the easier and faster it is to climb divisions.


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