Kryska’s Corner: Taipei’s East Metro Mall

No, there’s no photos.

It’s like…an underground mall…that was lot of goodies.

Unfortunately, as I’ve pointed out earlier, I don’t have any photos of this place, but it’s not like a super photogenic location anyways. However, don’t be mistaken, it’s not a dump or some kind of random-ass marketplace.

So what is it? The East Metro Mall is essentially a long underground tunnel from MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing to MRT Zhongxiao Donghua (only one station). The place is air conditioned, well taken care of, and is lined with boutique shops along the way.

There’s also stores like 7-11 or Japanese-style pharmacies so there’s some level of modernity. In addition, there’s often different types of street-performers there, so the long hall can often be filled with passionate singing.

While I originally wasn’t too keen when my girlfriend took me there yesterday, but eventually I saw the merit of the East Metro Mall. The shops weren’t exactly the shops that you can see in a department store, but rather these small “boutique shops” selling cellphone accessories, cute little things, and toys.

Oh, by cellphone accessories, I mean fake cell phone cases. You can even get “Supreme” and “BaoBao”. Bao Bao by Issey Miyake doesn’t even make iPhone cases.

But who cares; fashion risks.


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