Kryska’s Corner: 911 on the CI 008 8/02/2015

It wasn't so flowery
It wasn’t so flowery

3 hours into my return flight to LAX, the PA announced that the flight crew was looking for any medically trained individuals who might be able to assist an ill passenger. Since I am an EMT-B and promising health sciences student, I decided, heck, why not try my hand to help.

When I arrived at the back of the plane, a Caucasian doctor was already at the scene trying to diagnose the guy. Since the patient was a Taiwanese ESL, the doctor didn’t get much from him; and that’s when he advised I should take over.

I immediately re-did his vitals, checked his condition and LOC. At the beginning, all seemed extremely weak, and the patient was complaining of chest pain. During my conversation with the patient, I picked up that he drank a glass of red wine and isn’t a usual drinker. Furthermore, he hasn’t had any fluids. Based on his skin condition, it was very clear that he was very diaphoretic.

After the initial diagnosis, I proceeded to give the patient some warm water and decided to try to give him glucose paste as he said his family had a record of diabetics. Shortly after the basic care, the patient’s LOC rose from 2 to a solid 4. As soon as he stabilized for over an hour, I decided it would be best to hand him over back to the flight crew.

Due to my emergency response and treatment, the cabin manager came to thank me for my efforts and the pilot gave me a shout-out. Prior to the emergency call, I had a about 3-4 glasses of red wine, so the flight attendant decided to reward me with a bottle of the wine I had a drank. Not bad for a day’s work.


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