Kryska’s Corner: FROMJAPAN

Need to buy things from Japan?

Can’t ship it to the US or Canada?


So what exactly is FROMJAPAN?

It’s pretty a much site that allows you to order anything from Rakuten/Amazon and a plethora of shopping websites from Japan. While it’s nothing exactly special, but the idea is that most Japanese sites don’t ship out to the rest of the world.

To counteract that problem, you’d have to order it to a proxy service. A proxy service is basically a service that allows you to order things from Japan, ship it to a domestic location, and then have it shipped to you in the States by the proxy service.

While FROMJAPAN is my go-to choice, there are several choices out there, as long as you Google them. However, what I can vouch for that the service has been spot on for all of my past orders. In addition, they offer multiple option in regards to how shipping is made and they even offer a repackaging and “content” checking service. This allows me to order with confidence each time.


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