Cryska & Me: Cryska & Co. Back in LA!

One big happy family~
One big happy family~

I bet you guys haven’t seen Cryska in awhile right?

Anyways, I’m already back in LA for the remainder of my summer to study for the MCAT and partake in a couple of summer courses.

As it’s only the first week back, it’s been hard to adjust back to school life and the urge to GTFO when a lecture gets boring is immense. In any case, I’ve sat through most of my classes -unharmed. Since it’s week 1, homework has been light, so that’s always good.

Aside from school work I’m waiting to hear back from a lab position I applied for. Also, I was thinking of getting a part time job just for the fun of it; I’m the kind of person that prefers the jam-packed schedule and the pressure.

In addition, I’m also desperately trying to get back in shape as I’ve gained roughly 20-30 pounds since I left for Taiwan.

Danbo gets BRZ, Kryska gets BRZ
Danbo gets BRZ, Kryska gets BRZ

One thing I have yet to ever mention in any of my blog posts is my car. Not to brag, but it’s an actual JDM. As you can tell from the photo and the caption, I drive a Subaru BRZ. I ought to take some photos with it and danbo to post on IG or here, but haven’t found the time yet in the past few days. Surely I’ll get on that someday.

Anyways, in the coming few weeks, I’m sure sometimes my posts may be shorter than usual, but that’s because I’m probably passing out from exhaustion. I’ll try to get Cryska back on here more often!


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