Kryska’s Corner: An odd observation on Haruki Murakami’s writing

Just a random blurb for today~!

Haruki Murakami, a recently acclaimed writer from Japan, is widely known for his award winning books that have swept the entire nation. At a certain point, Murakami was largely rumored to be a possible recipient for the Nobel literature award.

Well, so he seems to have his stuff down pretty well, right?

I myself have read several adult literature books and I’m rather accustomed to deep underlying tones and or sexual themes. However, this is where I feel Murakami’s works get a little “weird”.

In fact, through his books that I’ve read, they’re often littered with sexual encounters described to extreme detail. Of course, the stories all have some sort of a moral-driven plot, but this writing style is a little…odd for me.

It’s almost as the writing strictly “reminds” the reader that they’re reading an adult novel. Not that I’m sensitive to the material, of course, it’s just a peculiar observation I’ve acquired through Murakami’s works.

Perhaps I should incorporate this style into my academic writing?

Just kidding.


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