Danbo’s Travels: Vancouver

Vancouver has the best ramen outside of Japan
Vancouver has the best ramen outside of Japan

As you can see from the header, I took Danbo travelling for this weekend! In fact, I took Danbo to Vancouver, my hometown. I was there primarily for some errands, so I couldn’t get to take Danbo sightseeing, but I did my best on finding some food to pose with him!

First up, in the preview image, is Kintaro Ramen. Kintaro Ramen is widely known in Vancouver for providing high quality authentic ramen. Unlike most ramen stores, the noodles are freshly made, so they’re not rigid like Santouka’s, and the soup is boiled for several hours fresh each day, so the soup is as good as it gets. Honestly, I really think the only thing that beats Kintaro is the ramen stores in Japan.

The quality of Kintaro is something that’s been long-assured. I’ve been eating at Kintaro since I was in elementary, and the restaurants on the same row have all changed several times, save for Kintaro.

Swiss omelette...in Canada.
Swiss omelette…in Canada.

Next up is De Dutch. De Dutch is a famous local breakfast chain in Vancouver. With stores scattered through the lower mainland, most residents of Vancouver have visited this chain. De Dutch features a wide range of breakfast selections from authentic Amsterdam pancakes to omelettes and even hamburgers.

The price is a little steep, but the quality is spot on and everything is always delicious!

Danbo didn't actually get to see the whole menu.
Danbo didn’t actually get to see the whole menu.

Vancouver’s Asian ethnicity base is famous for having a lot of Koreans. Naturally, Korean food is found everywhere and the quality is always pretty good. However, one restaurant (or in this case, chain) sticks out among the rest. Jang Mo Jib is a famous Korean restaurant that offers a plethora of traditional Korean dishes. With Kpop blasting in the background, good food, and a recently-renovated location, JMJ is a local favorite.

While you may ask locals what their fav Korean joint is, everyone can have a different response. Despite the wide selection of restaurants, I’m still convinced that JMJ is most peoples’ go-to place.

What is Canada without Tim Hortons
What is Canada without Tim Hortons

Never heard of Tim Hortons? Never been in North America then. Tim Hortons, despite being only in Canada, even Americans love the place. You could pretty much call Tim Hortons a national treasure at this rate. So what makes it so special?

Nothing much really. Tim Hortons serves soups, paninis, sandwiches, donuts, “timbits”, and coffee. While the range of items on the menu isn’t exactly a cornucopia, what Timmys really excels at is the quality and the pricing. Sure you can get some of the same things at McD’s, but the Timmys taste better for a little bit cheaper. Need a coffee? Timmy’s is cheaper and better too.

That’s why Timmy’s rule.

Anyways, hopefully the next time I visit Vancouver again, I’ll be able to take more pictures and go to more places!


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