Blast From the Past: The Pursuit of Anime (College Edition)

Long story short -> Why I haven’t been posting.

What my room is like during midterm/final weeks

Man…I’ve slacked off so much, I barely even remember how to start a blog post…

Whatever, I’ll just “wing it” as I do with most things in life now.

Let’s start off by asking ourselves, what exactly is the most valuable element of our lives(to a standard anime viewer)? If you don’t have any idea, I’ll tell ya, it’s none other than time.

Time itself is an interestingly tangible element. At one instance, it’s there, and you have no idea what to do with it. Yet, at another point in your life, you have very little time, but so many things are on your mind. To get the gist of what I’m saying, if I’m saying anything at all, is that time management is a crucial factor in the pursuit of anime (during college).

No, my roommate is not a bishounen at all.

What sets apart anime viewing from that of  high school and college is that, during high school, mostly everyone has a set schedule for school and certain guidelines to follow (especially under the watchful eyes of parents), but during college, people break free from this fixed lifestyle, and shift to something that requires more responsibility.

Within this first quarter at UCLA, it was a tough time for me. Having to undergo college as someone with the worst lifestyle habits ever, I was subject to sleepless nights and poor decisions regarding what to spend my precious time with. Since I don’t mix my 2D and 3D pleasures, I often succumbed to the pressures of my peers and went out to party or League as opposed to watching anime, one of my most adored hobbies.

Not a bad representation of what my room looks like 5/7 days of the week.

However, as the first 5 weeks went by of drinking, partying, dancing, and all sorts of sinful 3D activities, things always go out of tune for otaku people such as ourselves. Staying away from anime for a couple of days is one thing, but putting it off for weeks made me feel empty.

Near the end of the quarter, I eventually gave in and became a “shut in”, only to ever go out for meals and classes. Even at that rate, I purposely evaded friends as to be “anti-social”. This created a sharp contrast of my image from the first couple of weeks of the quarter. It’s not just that I suffered from anime withdrawal, but the fact that after the first weeks, courses became more complicated and less time could be spent on enjoyment…and what’s more time efficient than “hanging out”? : Anime

Even at that rate, I didn’t pick up any “airing” anime, such as Sword Art Online, but I only re-watched many of my older favourite anime. Though at first I didn’t give much of a thought as to why I went for something I already watched and knew was good, but on retrospect, it made so much sense.

As I did previously state, after the halfway mark in a quarter, the courses became tougher and the more leisure time would be allocated to study time. Thus, this gave me a bare minimum of time on stress-relief and being one who doesn’t like to waste time aimlessly, I went for something I knew I would be pleased with.

People often find me with a box of pizza at 3AM. What, I sometimes can look girly too okay?

To be completely honest, this sort of attitude also channeled into my blogging, which simply dropped off. Though I still watched a bit of anime and had a grasp on a couple of topics I could write about, I was devoid of motivation to write. Having to write papers for courses and constantly write notes every day made me lose whatever interest I had in composing articles. Thus, I haven’t been writing much (actually, nothing at all) on my blog nor Twitter.

DJ Miruku will be at his dorm room on weekends to entertain your questions.

So? What was the purpose of this post, other than discussing why I went on hiatus? Since I did go through somewhat of an experience, I thought I would share some details on how to manage a college-anime viewing relationship that doesn’t spiral out of control.

  1. Don’t neglect your anime: It makes you have withdrawal and you will be behind on current airing anime.
  2. Watch on air dates: Anime has a set schedule for being released. It’s never a good idea to suddenly decide to marathon a whole series in one night and show up to class all sleepy and what not. This causes you to miss out on material and you’ll be left even further behind. Just watch 1 or 2 shows on its air date so you can give yourself a “limit”.
  3. Maximize efficiency: As cliche as it sounds, you should really try to get the most out of studying when you need to and have the most fun when you have free time. Because there’s a quota for this, if you have too much fun during free time, then you’ll make up for extra work time and vice versa. In addition, if you decide to slack off in between studying hours, then you’ll have to repay that by studying for a longer duration and having a shorter leisure time.
  4. Don’t leave papers until they’re 3 days away from the due date: ‘Nuff said, right? This causes you to harbour a deep dislike towards writing, and that’s never a  good thing.
  5. Blogging attitude: Don’t forget blogging is a place to vent, discuss, and socialize. Don’t view it as a chore. I clearly lost sight of that and I neglected to blog. Bad Miruku, bad!

As much of what I previously just said was mostly and should be common sense, people tend to lose sight of the obvious and need a subtle reminder from time to time.

Anyways, I apologize if the post seemed a bit disorganized (I’ll try to regain my writing prowess, I promise), but I really wanted to “break back” into the blogging groove, and I thought this was somewhat appropriate.

I hoped you’ve all missed me as much as I’ve missed you guys so remember to tune in once in while to see if I have a new post :3!

Regardless, I hope that for those of you who are entering college soon, heed my advice and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy 2D vs 3D ratio and not fall into the chaotic abyss that I did. If you are already in college, feel free to share your advice on how you were able to overcome this problem or if you never had this problem at all.


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