Kryska’s Ichiban: Bento-box (Monbento)

Bento box, with chopsticks and furoshiki

To accommodate with my newfound interest in home cooking and homemade lunches, I decided to invest in a quality bento box that can fit my needs.

First, finding a bento box with the right “size” was hard. I typically eat a lot, but in order to diet, I had to trim my portions. While the usual bento sizes of 800mL is an irrational and illogical choice, Monbento offered a standard size of 1L, which seemed to be the middle ground.

Then, I needed to find a bento box that was made of good quality and was microwave safe. You’d be surprised to find that many bento boxes are not microwaveable. Not sure why, but that’s just not smart imho. Also, Monbento offers the bento with a “soft-touch” layer that made the box have a quality texture. In addition, the box had quite some weight to it. This obviously can be more detrimental than beneficial, but compared to the usual flimsy plastic shit you’d find, I’d say its a good trade off.

Lastly, I needed to find a bento box that doesn’t have “residual smell”. Since I was a kid, my bento boxes, after a long time, would have a distinct odor to it. Of course, this was due to the fact that the lunchbox was not “washed” quickly enough or the quality of the plastic wasn’t adequate. Assuming that technology has advanced (and I did notice that some bentos have a silver content to reduce odor), I set out to find bento boxes with what I needed. While the ones that have “Ag” content are ridiculously expensive and often has other shortcomings, Monbento’s quality plastic received rave reviews of how smell wasn’t retained. Truthfully, even after cooking curry, the box didn’t have a trace of the smell.

Which brings me to another point. Remember how I had soft touch on the surface? Well, I spilled some curry to the outside of the box…and well the soft touch area seems to “keep” stains really well. As in, one side of my box looks somewhat yellowy.

Whatever, I’m sure it’ll wash off over time.


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