Kryska’s Tech: Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Review

Let the hate train come

Yes, I paid $49.95 for it.
Yes, I paid $49.95 for it.

That’s right. I bought a pair of Skullcandy headphones. As a self-proclaimed audiophile, this is as close to sinning as it gets. The forbidden fruit of cheap audio with a flashy look. But hey, at least I didn’t shell out $200 USD for a pair of Beats. Lord forgive me.

So why did I take the bait (again)? Well, I lost my Klipsch headphones awhile back and I needed a durable daily wear. Sure, Skullcandy headphones don’t have the best durability, but at that price, if they break, I don’t get sad. Plus I loved the color scheme on these cans.



Skullcandy is at least fair in their pricing for the quality of sound/build you get. However, for these Uproar Wireless headphones, the $50 sticker price seems to be a sweet spot. The range is good, bass is somewhat “apparent’, and vocals are incredibly clear. Not your typical run-of-the-mill Skullcandy performance for sure.

Sure the bass isn’t too strong, but as a daily wear, it gets the job done -provided you have decent sound files. Not to mention, the fact that these are running bluetooth, the sound is comparable and probably better than what you’d get with the Sol Republic Wireless.


Backside with control buttons.
Backside with control buttons.

Being $50, you’d expect these headphones to be kind of flimsy. Sure it’s not sturdy like an Audio-Technica, but the build quality makes these headphones super light. Even with glasses, the fit is perfect. It’s surprisingly that they could cram a 10 hour battery in there as well.

The ear foams are quite soft and comfy. It isn’t AKG quality, but it gets the job done. Like I said, with glasses, the fit is still super soft. I’ve worn these for 5-6 hours straight and they don’t have the tightness on the ears that a lot of headphones have. Furthermore, the foam is somewhat breathable, so these are great for working out too~


Eh, not a "full" band.
Eh, not a “full” band.

Aside from the obvious bluetooth function ,the Uproar features control buttons. I’ve had no complaints about these headphones as of yet, but being unable to change songs (skip forward or back) is a bummer. There’s volume up and down and pause/start. However, it doesn’t make sense to me why I can’t change tracks.

The headphones also feature a built-in microphone. but due to the distance from the mouth, the sound quality isn’t so great. It picks up occasional sound from the headphones and some background noise, but it’s not like people make long calls anyways.

I’m personally okay with the “eh” microphone and the lack of functionality with the buttons, but as a daily/study headphone, I can settle. I mean, if it had no problems at all, $50 would be a riot.

Final Thoughts:

Dat booty doe...
Dat booty doe…

Despite the lack of functionality in the buttons, I would still highly recommend the Uproar Wireless.The overall fit and sound quality is just so different from typical Skullcandy headphones that I’m completely blown away.

Of course, as you guys can see, the build quality doesn’t look super-sturdy, but at $50, it’s probably a little more firm than a pair of Beats. The hard plastic makes the Uproar feel a little stiff so you have some security thinking that it won’t snap. In addition, the direction of the build makes the Uproar feel incredibly light, allowing for hours of wear.

Speaking of hours of wear, I’m surprised that this pair can last an “approximate” 10 hours. What the…? It was already incredible that they last this long, but the fact that this pair of headphones aren’t weighed down by the battery is amazing. Of course, the long stamina (unexpectedly) comes at the lack of bass power. I’m not too into listening to mind-numbing bass though. I’m not some pretentious guy that listens only to heavy bass music all the time. Still, good enough for some light EDM.

TL;DR Get these if you’re looking for an affordable pair of dailies. The sound is decent, fit is amazing, and the battery should last you all day. There are a couple of color schemes, so you can definitely find a niche colorway. Oh, and don’t forget it’s freaking wireless.


5 thoughts on “Kryska’s Tech: Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Review

  1. I got a pair from my campus bookstore. I was wondering, are there ways to program or customize what the buttons do (especially the mfb)?
    I had a pair of wired headphones (UrbanEars), which I unfortunately lost. The Urbans opened my Google app, but the Uproars seem to only open my Voice Command app (which, while having the advantage of not needing internet connection, quite frankly sucks compared to the Google app, regarding word/command recognition).


    • I don’t think Skullcandy is that fancy XD

      But in any case, I’m sure you can find some sort of software online. I’m personally not aware of this, but do look around.


  2. I know this is waaaaay late, but I believe you CAN change tracks from the buttons. It’s in the way that you use the plus and minus buttons…look it up if you have time. Thank you for the review!


    • Yes, I think you and the above posters are both right. That’s a little strange as I think my model must be defective. I never could get the tracks to change. Oh wells.

      Thanks for reading!


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