Kryska’s Corner: Road to Gold -Season 6-

This season has not been kind…

The Fabled Gold. Always looks good.

Hey guys, long time no see. Anyways, for all you League players out there, you must have caught wind of how hard this current season is. With former diamonds dropping to gold and former golds to bronze, one can say that the current elo system is a little chaotic. It’s not really that you’re “bad”, it’s just that not enough people have played their placements…so Riot has to fill in the gaps somehow.

TL;DR if you think you’re not a solid gold-standard player, then don’t play ranked for at least another 2-4 months.

For those of you who want to get in the grind early (god knows why), it’s actually not all too hard compared to previous seasons. That is, if you can actually carry. And from the wise words of a Master-level player, “carrying” is not about having a good KDA. “Carrying” is doing your job, calling good shots, and stay calm under pressure. I know this is hard for those that can’t even fathom why they placed silver or bronze despite their last season’s rank, but season 6 is really all about teamwork. I’ve played one too many ranked games where the score is 30-8 and eventually we end up losing due to poor coordination.

But…that’s all just for the people who don’t understand the game. Since patch 6.2, there’s been a few tips and tricks I’ve used to get myself to gold from an unranked smurf (pre-season gold 5).

Tilt. Jk, you guys should know that’s the MMR reset

Roles: One of the most highly debated topics of every League of Legends season is which “roles” carry the hardest. Sure, there are just champions that are stupidly strong in every role, but let’s focus on those that aren’t insta-banned.

One of the most “carrying” roles possible this patch is jungle. By playing jungle, you are able to shotcall most major objectives and gank lanes to control the tempo of the game. In addition, by playing a “strong” (insta-banned) jungler like Rengar, you don’t really have to care about teamwork as you can melt down enemy carries in a blink. While you might have seen plenty of Lee Sin jungles, please, and I implore you, if you never play Lee Sin and you think you can channel InSec before you even get mastery…well then you might as well uninstall.

The second hottest role is mid. Mid has always been a great carrying position, but specifically for this patch, burst APs like Leblanc and Kassadin are great picks if you roam and steamroll the enemy. Not only does the score look good and you gank lanes, but the most important aspect is instilling fear and contempt in the enemy team. That way, they’re more likely to make desperate plays and do something stupid.

Special consideration: ADC. So why is ADC not a very “carry-able” role? Well that’s easy. Even without the ADC getting fed, the ADC is often the prime target in team fights. While ADCs are strong this patch and snowballing an ADC gives them an exponential increase in power, without that “snowballing” or without a capable team for peels, then the game is already over. Be sure to only play ADC when you have a duo in mid or top, that way you can guarantee a much higher win rate.

Personally for me, since I’m a support main, I had a tough time in solo queue because of the lack of adequate ADCs at lower-than-gold elos. Same goes for all you that intend on playing support. DO NOT PLAY. Learn another role. Only play support when you’re using dynamic queue (3+). By playing another role in lower elo, it’s also a good way to train for higher elos and in the case you need to solo queue in a different role.

Pretty KDAs aren’t the main focus. It’s the pretty win rates.

The last thing I want to touch on is Dynamic Queue. For noobs and elo boosters alike, DQ has been a blessing. However, this can be a double-edged sword if used wrong (which is a major balancing factor).

Often I get asked, “why am I still not winning in DQ? I always queue up with 4 or 5 people and we still get stomped…”.

Welp, the answer is actually not too hard. Since I played several DQ games, I was able to observe statistics and noticed a trend…and it is quite intuitive. When using DQ for 2 people, the win rate is around 60-65% win rate (setting solo queue as 50%). However, when using 3 people, the win rate spikes to around 75%-85%. But, when using 4 people, the win rate is lowered back to a disappointing 70%. Last but not least, when using 5 people, the win rate is back to a standard 50%.

To explain the logic: solo queue has always been an even gamble. Half the time the teams are shit, half the time you’re shit. With 2-man queues, sometimes you don’t get the position you excel in, so it’s not that high either. Plus, with 3 other randoms, there’s a high chance of an AFK or troll. However, when there’s 3 people, it leaves 2 people that are random, and techncially…if you get the roles you wanted in DQ, it doesn’t leave much room for the baddies to be “bad”. With 4 people however, it’s not so much about your own team, but rather how coordinated an enemy team is. Since silver or bronze players don’t often queue up more than 3 (too egotistical), the likelihood of matching against another 4-man DQ that’s “actually silver” is pretty damn low. Now, translate that to a 5-man queue and you’re most likely playing against a smackdown team of Challenger/Master/Diamond elo boosters that will make you want to FF @ 20.

Of course, these percentages are “rough” and don’t really apply to smurfs. And by smurfs, I only mean those that are diamond or platinum playing silver or bronze games.

2 states to really notice: kill contribution and win rate

Now that I’ve provided my 2 most vital points about this patch (roles and DQ), it’s time to discuss what makes a “gold and beyond” player

  1. Mechanics: You can’t get very far by not knowing how to play your champion. That’s why it’s highly advised not to play new champions or seldomly-played champions in ranked. Of course, if you really have your general mechanics down, this is not really a problem. The level of mechanics of a gold player should be more than enough to play up into the higher levels of platinum, but mechanics only get you so far (read next point).
  2. Objective awareness: Without objective focus, the game usually lasts around 40-50 minutes. On a personal level, that is completely unacceptable and a huge waste of time. I’m not saying all games last only 20-30 games for me, but you want that to be your average game time. In any case, objective awareness is very big this season (as always) and getting objectives can help snowball early and mid game, thus making late-game something that’s barely touched on. Watch this to learn about objectives (must watch)
  3. Tilt: Most players tilt. Challenger players tilt. Bronze players tilt. I tilt. Pretty much tilting happens to everyone. However, for people that are in gold and higher, tilting is something that’s easily solved. By refreshing your mindset after a bad loss or playing some normals to stomp some noobs, tilting is only a small phase and not a perpetual 10-game losing streak.
  4. Score: As in the picture above, there’s only 2 things to notice in your score. Wins and kill contributions. If you don’t win, then you suck. There’s not other way around it. If you have lower than 30% contribution, then you’re probably not doing too much. To be honest, even at my 50% for the last 20 games, I do feel it is quite low (late-night grinding is tiring, okay?). As for KDA, like I said earlier, a pretty KDA means nothing if you can’t actually carry.
  5. Teamwork: This point goes hand in hand with objective awareness. Communication is vital for victory…so if you’re flaming someone on your team or you’re responding back to another person’s toxicity, it can adversely affect you game. You might believe that “oh I’ll never have to play with them again, fuck them”, but with this current patch, a turnaround victory can occur in any game. So why put the final nail in the coffin for an enemy team? Be supportive, and if someone rages, calm them down. If you need help, just ping, don’t bitch about it. Be a good samaritan. Even if you don’t win the game you’re being ultra-nice in, I’m sure karma will help you out in the end (not the champ).

For those of you wondering why I’m not giving a recommended champion list or item list, that’s because there’s no true “bad” champion. If you main a certain champ and you’re good at it…then spam it in ranked. As for items, it depends on the play style and most players should be able to change their builds to suit their current situations.

If you really insist on knowing a “definitive” list, then you should just google them.

Anyways, if you aren’t feeling up to “carry” or perform beyond expectations, then you should wait a few months before finishing or even starting your placements. If you think you can do better, follow the instructions I’ve listed above and you can’t go wrong.

2 thoughts on “Kryska’s Corner: Road to Gold -Season 6-

  1. Yeah, I’ve actually found dynamic queue much harder than the previous system as teams are far more coherent. I used to able to exploit the enemy’s disgruntled lack of ganks or just general mental destabilisation but now I find games last longer, since groups of friends will rally each other.


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