Kryska’s Kicks: A New Passion

Where I been? Where’s Kryska? Where’s Danbo?

How I spent $1400 in 1 short month

Early in 2016 (January), I started elo boosting for a company to make some side cash (essentially to buy random stuff). Eventually, I became quite a prolific booster where I could spend upwards of 18-20 hours a day just boosting. Because of my overzealous commitment, I soon found myself to be in quite the surplus of cash.

Being that I was always a stickler for “cool shoes” or essentially “hypebeast” fashion trends, I decided to jump in the game of sneakers. With my previous interest and my current overflow of dough, I was able to start off acquiring some of the most desired sneakers on the market.

Now that it is almost October, I have been able to spend at least a good 7-8 months learning about the whole sneaker game. From the grails to how to acquire hype releases, I can say I know quite a bit.

In any case, over the next few posts, I will start divulging the things I have learned about how to be a hypebeast and how to acquire your own grails. Anyways, it feels good to be back, albeit not in the capacity regarding anime. At least I have another core topic I can focus on. Hopefully this new chain of genre of posts will keep me writing regularly.



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